What is Together for Equality & Respect (TFER)?


A society where people of all genders are equally valued, heard and respected, with equal access to opportunities – where women and children live free from discrimination and men’s violence.


TFER’s purpose is to motivate and support organisations in the Eastern Metropolitan Region to take action to promote gender equality and equal and respectful relationships as the means by which violence against women and their children will be prevented.

By providing a mechanism to coordinate and integrate primary prevention activities, the TFER Partnership works to maximise efforts, and minimise duplication. It supports practitioners and organisations to work to the evidence base as they build community and organisational awareness, knowledge and capacity for change.

TFER Strategy 2021-2025

The Together For Equality & Respect Strategy: Preventing Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2021-2025 is the latest four-year strategy developed by the TFER Partnership. It outlines the case for action and sets a strategic framework for the activities of the TFER Leadership Group, TFER Partners and Women’s Health East.

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The purpose of the TFER Action Plan is to set out the actions needed for the partnership to progress its vision, create a mechanism for regional oversight, deepen existing partnerships to enable mutually reinforcing work, and identify new areas for collective action.

TFER Evaluation Report 2017-2021

The Together For Equality & Respect Final Evaluation Report 2017-2021 is the latest evaluation report highlighting regional impact of the TFER partnership for the primary prevention of violence against women in Melbourne’s East. The report identifies that primary prevention of violence against women and work to advance gender equality has become more established, as a result of TFER, and that indicators of long term systems level changes are emerging.