Preventing Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2017-2021

“I am proud to be a part of TFER Capital, collaboratively driving gender equality in the East”

“WHE have been a tireless advocate and shown strong leadership in organising a regional response to reduce violence against women and promote respectful relationships and gender equity in the community.”

“We will continue to support the valuable work of the TFER partnership in its collective effort to prevent violence against women across Eastern Melbourne”

“TFER is strategically important and WHE are proud to be part of this partnership”

“ECASA has valued the partnership with WHE and TFER. We would like to continue to develop this into 2021 and beyond.”

“TFER is doing great led by WHE and Partners!”

“Maroondah City Council is pleased to be a TFER partner and support collective efforts towards the prevention of violence against women.”

“Valuable work.”

“A wonderful network and collaboration.”

“Very supportive of Together for Equality and Respect.”

“The regional effort and combined forces are really moving PVAW in the right direction.”

“Gender Equality can truly be realised when we all work together across the breadth of our community.

Eastern CLC is a proud and active TFER partner at a range of levels supporting our collective vision of a society where women live free from men’s violence – where every girl and boy grows up to be equally valued, heard and respected, and with equal access to opportunities.”

“EACH continues to be committed to the TFER regional Partnership as a key regional collaboration for achieving  our vision for safe and inclusive communities free from family violence.”

“The regional TFER and PVAW partnership has my full support. I am a member of WHE regionally, and PiP and GenVic amongst others elsewhere.”

“I am extremely grateful to be a part of a region and partnership that takes a collaborative and cross-sectional approach to preventing violence against women.” 

Yarra Valley Water strongly supports the TFER partnership – as a crucial collaboration for us with frontline and expert organisations that we can learn from.  We’re committed to working with our partners on gender quality and prevention of family violence against women in the EMR and beyond.” 

What is Together for Equality & Respect (TFER)?


A society where people of all genders are equally valued, heard and respected, with equal access to opportunities – where women and children live free from discrimination and men’s violence.


TFER’s purpose is to motivate and support organisations in the Eastern Metropolitan Region to take action to promote gender equality and equal and respectful relationships as the means by which violence against women and their children will be prevented.

By providing a mechanism to coordinate and integrate primary prevention activities, the TFER Partnership works to maximise efforts, and minimise duplication. It supports practitioners and organisations to work to the evidence base as they build community and organisational awareness, knowledge and capacity for change.

Latest News

TFER Strategy 2021-2025

The Together For Equality & Respect Strategy: Preventing Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2021-2025 is the latest four-year strategy developed by the TFER Partnership. It outlines the case for action and sets a strategic framework for the activities of the TFER Leadership Group, TFER Partners and Women’s Health East.

Framing Gender Equality resources

As part of the Messaging for Gender Equality Project in 2021, Women’s Health East (WHE), with the support of Outer East Primary Care Partnership (Outer East PCP), ran a series of Masterclasses to support the Together For Equality & Respect (TFER) Partnership to use the Framing Gender Equality Message Guide in practice. During the Masterclasses, participants gained a valuable understanding of how to apply evidence-based communications principles to create effective messaging for gender equality initiatives.

To help continue this learning, four tip sheets featuring messages that were developed during the Masterclasses have been created. In these tip sheets, the messages are used to highlight the Vision, Barrier, Cause, Action story framework elements, as well as the tips from the guide that have been applied in its development. These tip sheets are not intended as a standalone resource, but rather as a reference point that you can turn to when creating your own messages.

Framing Gender Equality Tip Sheet 1 – Gender Impact Assessments

Framing Gender Equality Tip Sheet 2 – Gender Audits

Framing Gender Equality Tip Sheet 3 – Preventing Violence Against Women

Framing Gender Equality Tip Sheet 4 – Early Years Settings