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We are please to present the newly launched Together For Equality & Respect Strategy: Preventing Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2017-2021. It is the second four-year strategy developed by the TFER Partnership. It outlines the case for action, the current evidence on how to prevent violence against women and provides a framework for action in the EMR.

The TFER Preventing Violence against Women
Infographic is also available, designed for partner                                                 organisations and others to use in their work.

TFER Interim Evaluation

The Together for Equality & Respect (TFER), Evaluation Working group (EWG), is currently working on evaluating the collective efforts of TFER Partners over the course of the 2013-2017 strategy.

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The purpose of this evaluation is too:

  • provide a detailed and comprehensive analysis of the data collected across the life of the TFER strategy against the evaluation questions and indicators
  • describe and provide a reflection on the evaluation (implementation) methodology
  • discuss the transferability of the project model
  • celebrate achievements and identifying areas for future improvement (making recommendations for the next TFER strategy)

The EWG look forward to releasing this report in the new year, and contributing these learnings to the formation of the 2017-2021 Action Plan and Evaluation framework.

Regional highlight

#GE4US Campaign for the 16 Days of Activism

In 2017, Women’s Health East coordinated the regional social marketing campaign #GE4Us (Gender Equality 4 Us). #GE4Us engaged with a diverse group of 8 ambassadors from across the eastern region and asked them to share what gender equality means to them and how they see it in action. Their stories were shared on social media by partner organisations across the region to raise awareness in the community of what gender equality means in day to day life and the actions we can take to achieve it.

Read our ambassador stories and more about the #GE4Us campaign here.

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