Action Plan

The TFER Action Plan March 2017 final draft is available to download. This Action Plan represents the implementation phase of Together for Equality & Respect: A Strategy to Prevent Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2013 – 2017.

The Action Plan brings together current and planned work being undertaken by the many partners who have committed to this regional and integrated approach to preventing men’s violence against women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, under the strategic directions presented in the Strategy. The Action Plan is a ‘living’ document which will be added to over the life of the Strategy as additional work is planned and implemented across the East. The version available to download is the second edition of the Action Plan which has been updated to reflect work planned or underway July 2015 – June 2016.
2014_Action Plan front cover

For more information about the development of the Action Plan, take a look at the History of Together for Equality & Respect.

Additional resources that informed the Action Plan

Intervention Mapping to Regional Objectives
Strategic Directions, Goals, Regional Objectives & Actions
Together for Equality & Respect Mapping Table