Implementing your GEAP – where to start?

Victoria is experiencing a series of ‘firsts’ when it comes to its nation-leading gender equity legislation, the Gender Equality Act 2020 (Vic).

Since coming into effect on 31 March 2021, the Act has required organisations covered by the Act (known as ‘defined entities’) to:

  • collect data to benchmark their workforce against 7 gender equality indicators
  • plan for reasonable and material progress through a Gender Equality Action Plan (‘GEAP’)
  • conduct Gender Impact Assessments (‘GIA’s) on all new and up for review policies, programs and services that have a ‘direct and significant’ impact on the public; and
  • report publicly on progress and implementation.

In August 2022, the Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector (‘the Commission’) released a baseline report analysing the 2021 workplace gender audit data. 

The report looks at audit data from all Victorian defined entities, sharing findings across industry groups. By collecting baseline audit data, it is hoped that defined entities, in concert with the Victorian government, will be able to identify and address persistent blockers of gender equality.

Description: a snapshot of the Commission’s baseline audit data 

Defined entities were then required to develop and submit their GEAPs, and to address issues identified by their baseline workforce audit data and analysis. 

In our work, Women’s Health East seeks to assist defined entities in making progress towards gender equality, including in the implementation of their GEAPs; answering the questions: “where do we start?” and “how do we set our organisation up for success?”

Through analysis of the GEAPs of defined entities across the Eastern Metropolitan Region and with consideration to the findings and recommendations of the Commission, several key themes emerged:

  • Leadership and resourcing
  • Value of data
  • Intersectionality
  • Organisational buy-in
  • Capability-building

In response to this need, we have developed a free, lunchtime webinar that will explore, and offer considerations to directly address, these emergent themes. 

The webinar is intended to assist staff of defined entities whose workplans include the development or implementation of GEAPs, including staff from organisational development, people and culture, or executive leadership teams, members of gender equality working groups, and internal communications teams.

With ‘five considerations’ as a starting point for reflection, attendees will come away with increased capability, confidence and motivation to approach and drive the implementation process.

To find out more about the ‘five considerations’ and how to get started on implementing your organisation’s GEAP, register now: http://eventbrite.com.au/e/free-webinar-five-considerations-when-implementing-your-geap-tickets-448716542257

Tuesday 8 November 2022, 12pm-1pm.