Gender Equity Walk: Find out more about our key findings

Public spaces play a significant role in community life. They provide a space for people to foster social connections, engage in sport and physical activity and access green spaces. Being able to occupy public space can positively impact on social, mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Women’s experiences and perceptions of public spaces differs to men and it is important to take these differences into account when planning and designing spaces for the community.  The evidence shows that women are more likely than men to feel unsafe in public spaces and can also feel as though a space is not designed with them in mind.

Women’s Health East saw an opportunity to pilot a project which elevated the voices and expertise of local women to create safe and inclusive public spaces. By engaging with local women to ‘walk’ their local areas, the Gender Equity Walk project facilitated a space for women to provide their perspective and experience on public spaces in their local area, and collaborate with council in a meaningful way, on an issue that impacts on their day to day lives

Download the reports to read more about the walks and key findings.