Women’s Health East is an approved provider of services to support Victorian public sector entities to action their obligations under the Gender Equality Act 2020. We are part of a specialist consortium of women’s health and gender equity experts known as the Action for Gender Equality Partnership.  Women’s Health East works directly with defined entities in Melbourne’s east to deliver services related to the Gender Equality Act 2020.

Women’s Health East draws on 30 years of expertise in gender transformative practice to deliver organisations with customised advice on how to sustainably implement the Gender Equality Act 2020. Selecting Women’s Health East as your service provider doesn’t just benefit your organisation, it leads to a range of benefits for communities in Melbourne’s east. As a non-profit organisation, all proceeds from our consultancy work are reinvested into a range of programs and projects that drive action to advance gender equality, prevent violence against women and improve women’s sexual and reproductive health.

What Women’s Health East offers

Women’s Health East offers a range of specialist training, advisory and consultancy services that can support organisations to take positive action towards achieving gender equitable policies, programs, services and workplaces.

Our tailored gender equality services are designed to support your organisation to understand, prepare and implement your Gender Impact AssessmentsGender Equality Action Plans and Gender Equality Progress Reports.

Women’s Health East’s services include:

  • Expert advice and consultancy on gender equality initiatives
  • Specialist training through tailored and bespoke training packages
  • Assistance in building organisational readiness and capacity
  • Support applying an intersectional gender lens to your organisational assessments, data and strategies
  • Expert consultation with Women’s Health East’s gender equality experts
  • Access to range of tools and resources.

We tailor our services to support your organisation at any stage of your journey of transformation.

For more information, contact Women’s Health East’s Manager Gender Equality, Melissa O’Reilly, at moreilly@whe.org.au.

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