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Be a Part of the Women’s Health East’s Beyond the Studio: Advocating for Women’s Inclusion, Visibility, and Safety through Public Art Project!

Did you know that on average, women are far less represented in arts awards, their artwork sells for less money in auctions and a gender pay gap still exists between male and female artists? Are you aware that women are more likely to feel unsafe in public spaces and as though urban spaces are not designed with them in mind?  The use of artwork in public spaces can make […]

Celebrating Mothers: unsung heroes of Melbourne’s lockdowns

This International Women’s Day, we recognise the many important roles of mothers and their unique experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockdowns in Victoria had a profound impact on many of us in the community. We spoke to five mums from the Eastern Metropolitan Region about what it meant to them. We heard about the […]

BLOG: Gender Equality Act – Sailing the Seven Cs of Smooth Implementation

The Gender Equality Act 2020 came into effect on 31st March 2021. There are several actions that defined entities will need to undertake to fulfil their obligations under the Act, including Workplace Gender Audits, Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAPs), and Gender Impact Assessments (GIAs). For many organisations, this means heading into uncharted waters. Following are […]

A Strategy for Equality: Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Melbourne’s East 2020 – 2025

A Strategy for Equality: Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health in Melbourne’s East 2020 – 2025 is a five-year sexual and reproductive health promotion strategy for women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR). The Strategy contains three strategic priorities and seven high-level objectives to improve the sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing outcomes of women in […]

BLOG: Creating safe and inclusive public spaces for women

My gym temporarily closed in March this year. The playgrounds that I regularly visited with my toddler also closed. Like many other Victorians, I had to re-think ways to use public spaces to maintain my fitness and entertain my very energetic 3-year old. I soon realised that, despite restricted access to areas I used to […]