What We Do

Gender-based health promotion is core business for WHE.

Operating within a feminist framework we adopt an approach to health promotion which aims to redress inequality and discrimination that women face as a result of their gender. We recognise that a woman’s experiences, choices , socio-economic status and level of advantage or disadvantage are shaped by an array of intersecting factors in addition to gender. These may include race, religion, sexuality, disability and history of migration and/or colonisation.

At WHE our focus is on the cultural, social and biological factors that influence health outcomes for women and girls in the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

We apply a gender lens to analyse the social structures that affect women’s health and well-being, in order to inform the planning and implementation of effective responses.

In practice our work involves:

  • Providing leadership around women’s health issues of regional significance and facilitating integrated responses to these
  • Working in partnership with local governments, health and community agencies and other stakeholders to promote gender-based health promotion and service delivery, and to improve service system access and responsiveness for women
  • Shaping responses to the promotion of women’s health and wellbeing through research, advocacy and consultancy
  • Providing information and advice to key stakeholders in order to raise awareness of health and wellbeing issues experienced by women and to promote women’s health and wellbeing
  • Delivering training and education programs for our partner organisations on women’s health issues, gender sensitivity in planning and service delivery

Our priorities are: