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Together for Equality & Respect partners are doing some amazing work in the region in the prevention of violence against women. Here, we will routinely feature one of our partners and the activities and initiatives they are undertaking in the prevention space.


Knox PLEDGE: People Linking to Embrace and Develop Gender Equality

The Knox PLEDGE (formerly called the Knox Accord) is a Knox based network focused on the primary prevention of violence against women. It brings people and groups together around a shared vision: a world in which women and girls live free from men’s violence, where every girl and boy grows up to be equally valued, heard and respected, and with equal access to opportunities.

The Knox PLEDGE is overseen by a partnership of EACH Social and Community Health, Knox City Council, Eastern Community Legal Service, Women’s Health East and the Basin neighbourhood house, community house and learning centre cluster. It also includes a number of community members.

The PLEDGE group run events and work together to raise awareness about ways to prevent violence against women, and to create gender equality in the community.

At a recent workshop held during the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, participants were given tips on how to change these gender stereotypes; include having zero tolerance for sexist behaviour, making space for conversations about gender equality at home, and not playing music with sexist lyrics.

Click here to learn more about the work of the Knox PLEDGE group or to join.


Image: #Hands Up and Knox PLEDGE afternoon tea 2015


#SeePastTheStereotype Campaign – Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Councils

Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Councils have developed three short films (60 seconds each) to raise awareness about gender stereotyping. The #SeePastTheStereotype films aim to make people think twice before assuming something about someone else based on their sex.

The films were created as part of the Office of Women’s Affairs funded Preventing Violence against Women in Our Community (PVAWC) project between Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Councils.

Rigid gender stereotypes and harmful attitudes towards women are fundamental to creating a culture which condones, excuses and perpetuates violence against women. This is the reason why the PVAWC project sought to produce films which challenge gender stereotyping.

For more information on the campaign and project please visit the Knox City Council website.

Join the #SeePastTheStereotype campaign on Facebook or Twitter.


Monbulk Respect – Family Violence Prevention Project

This project was supported by a grant from the Victorian Department of Justice Community CrimePrevention Program.

The Monbulk Respect Family violence prevention project is an initiative by the Dandenong Ranges Music Council in Partnership with Yarra Ranges Council. The project aims to:

  • Continue a community conversation about family violence prevention that was started by the Country Women’s Association (CWA) in Monbulk April 2014 at a family violence awareness forum where 50 women and 3 men attended.
  • Facilitate an opportunity for Monbulk residents to collaborate with project artists and create a family violence prevention campaign that would target the whole community, especially men.
  • Bring together important Monbulk community organisation representatives that can speak to their own members and the wider community about family violence prevention.
  • Shift the culture in Monbulk to a place where family violence prevention can be openly addressed and discussed by the whole community.
  • Create a prevention campaign that can be utilised by all communities inside and outside the Yarra Ranges as part of the battle against the rise in family violence incidences. The multimedia Monbulk Respect campaign included the creation of a film, song and online blog.

As part of the Monbulk Respect project, a number of online resources were created:

Monbulk community representatives from the following organisations were involved in developing the Monbulk Respect project and most also ‘acted’ in the film:

Monbulk CWA, RSL, Business Network, Community Opportunities Working group (MADCOW), Secondary College, CFA, Police, Ranges Soccer Club, Football and Netball Club, Yarra Ranges Councillor Jason Callanan and Community Development Officer Amanda May.

Extensive research on the most appropriate family violence prevention message to include in the Monbulk Respect film and song was undertaken by the project team of project manager, film maker and song-writer with assistance from Dr. Sue Rosenhain, Women’s Health East.

Family violence survivor advocates and victims also contributed to the Monbulk Respect project by presenting their perspectives at public project forums.

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