TFER Communiques

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May 2018 E-News (View Online)

February 2018 E-News (View Online)

December 2017 E-News (View Online)

November 2017 COP Update (View Online)

November 2017 #GE4Us Update  (View Online)

March 2017 E-News (View Online)


December 2016 E-News (View Online)


August 2016 E-News (View Online)


April 2016 E-News (View Online)


December 2015 Communique

December Communique pic


April 2015 Communique

April Communique picture


February 2015 Communique

February 2015 Communique


September 2014 Communique

2014_About_September Communique


April 2014 Communique



November 2013 Communique



June 2013 Communique