Regional Strategy Development

The development of Together for Equality & Respect was informed by a strong evidence base and involved a broad consultation process.

In October 2012, an online consultation questionnaire was sent to 26 organisations across the Eastern Metropolitan Region to gather information to inform the development of a Regional Prevention of Violence against Women Strategy (the survey achieved a 100 percent response rate). The purpose of the consultation was to:

  • Map current primary prevention work occurring across the region
  • Gather data on the levels of confidence of workers to undertake primary prevention
  • Consult on the development of key themes and/or approach of the Strategy

From there, further consultation and feedback from partners led to the development of the Together for Equality & Respect Strategy, an overarching document which provides a framework for action for the Eastern Metropolitan Region. For further details on the consultation process and a full overview of the key frameworks and theoretical approaches, please see page 15-17 of the TFER Strategy.

Read on through the History of Together for Equality & Respect to see how it has developed and grown over time.