Regional Action Plan

The Action Planning phase of Together for Equality & Respect began at the June 2013 Forum where an integrated planning approach was endorsed by Together for Equality & Respect partners.

The first iteration of the Action plan was developed using Intervention Mapping. This approach allows themes from work already underway or planned to inform development of shared regional objectives.

A mapping table was distributed to Together for Equality & Respect partners to map current and planned work to prevent violence against women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. This table was aligned with the VicHealth framework for preventing violence against women, but information was also collated under the four Strategic Directions of the Together for Equality & Respect Strategy. Women’s Health East met with individual organisations through August 2013 to support partner organisations in completing the table.

Once initiatives across the Eastern Metropolitan Region were mapped, the information gathered was compiled and analysed. Six key themes were identified and from these six regional objectives were developed which are aligned to the four Strategic Directions and corresponding goals. Partner organisation initiatives were then documented under the appropriate objective to which they corresponded.

The Together for Equality & Respect Action Plan is available for download here.