Become a Member

Women’s Health East membership is free and open to any woman who lives, works or studies in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. Membership is also available to organisations whose target groups include women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region. We encourage you to join as a member of Women’s Health East!

Why become a member of Women’s Health East?

As a member of Women’s Health East, you will: 

  • Receive invitations to attend all Women’s Health East events, including our Annual General Meeting
  • Be eligible to stand for election to the Women’s Health East Board of Governance
  • Have voting rights at Women’s Health East member meetings and Board of Governance elections
  • Be regularly informed on issues impacting women and receive regular updates through the Women’s Health East enews
  • Be invited to participate in community consultations from time to time
  • Support Women’s Health East and our work to improve women’s health, safety and wellbeing
  • Join a community of women committed to equality, empowerment, health and wellbeing for all women!

How to become a member

If you would like to become a member, please submit your application online or download this form, complete, sign and send it back to us.

As a condition of membership, members are required to agree to our Statement of Purpose (pdf) and comply with the Women’s Health East Constitution (pdf).

Membership is subject to Board approval and is renewed every three years by July 1.

For further information on WHE membership please contact us at or on 9851 3700.