How to use #GE4US Resources

  1. Social Media

There are three ways you can be involved in the campaign through social media:

  • You can utilise our social media guides, which give options for each of the 16days on what to post (meme, link, messages), on your own social media platforms. You can download these guides, and also download images specific to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure you use the campaign hashtag #GE4Us. Also feel free to tag us @WHEast and we will make sure to like/love your post!
  • You can post your own messages in line with our message or about your own activities during the 16days and use the #GE4Us to link in with the regional campaign as well as #16days #GoOrange #FreeFromViolence to link with the state and international campaigns.
  • You can share and comment on Women’s Health East’s posts from our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms. You can also share your event details with us, and we can promote your event on our social media.

    2. Email

  • We have developed a #GE4Us communication guide summary, where you can utilise information to create emails to disseminate within your own internal and external mail networks to promote the campaign.

    3. Additional Activities:

You can spread the message for the 16days through a number of ways. We have put together a list of ideas of what partners did last year to get you started!

  • Featuring the campaign logo on website carousals or website homepages.
  • Posting campaign posters and pictures around your organisation
  • Encouraging community members to complete the #GE4Us activity at events or at organisations and to take a selfie with these.
  • Lighting up the organisation’s building in orange!
  • Featuring messages in magazines or newsletters
  • Change your email signature with the campaign option provided, and encourage others to do so
  • Encourage staff at meetings (or perhaps at a special morning tea) to have their say on behalf of your organisation with the #GE4Us activity
  • Hold information forums to raise awareness about the issue, and utilise campaign posters and pictures on the day – please note you can contact us directly to request an A1 Printed campaign poster.

Resources noted above, and more, can be downloaded below:

– How to get involved

-Background information

-Evaluation form

-Social media backlash response

-Social media guide, banners and memes: Facebook

-Social media guide banners, and memes: Instagram

-Social media guide, banners and memes: Twitter

-#GE4Us communication guide summary: Ambassador images and URL’s for dissemination outside social media can be accessed here

Download #GE4Us Email Signature

#GE4Us Activity

-Download #GE4Us Poster *Print version (please be patient this high quality version may take some time to download)

Alternatively you can Download poster preview, we do not recommend using this for printing.