Superheroes of SRH: Kathleen McNamee

Medical Director, Family Planning Victoria

Kathleen McNamee

1. How are you working to improve sexual and reproductive health?

One of Family Planning Victoria’s strategic goals is to provide primary care and community health providers with expert advice and support regarding reproductive and sexual health. Our focus is on long acting reversible contraception, medication abortion and general sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing. My main role is to work on our clinic processes to support our doctors and nurses and ensure we are giving the best possible service to our patients and our trainees. I provide education for health professionals through medical writing, presentations and hands on IUD training. Supporting other practitioners to deliver services is the most effective way FPV can improve sexual and reproductive health.

2. What do you love most about your work?

I love the fact that there are always new things to consider and incorporate into clinical practice. I love reading new research and being involved in research collaborations and writing clinical guidelines that support my role in service provision and education. I also love seeing patients, particularly providing medication abortion and IUD insertions.

3. Why is your work so important

Sexual and reproductive health has a profound effect on wellbeing. Provision of good information and services to support people’s decisions can improve quality of life. Providing training, education and support to primary care practitioners across the state increases access to high quality, accessible sexual and reproductive health services.

4. What do you think are the biggest sexual and reproductive health issues facing women in Victoria?

Access to timely and affordable choice in contraception and abortion services.

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