Superheroes of SRH: Professor Helena Teede

Executive Director Monash Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre
Director Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation
NHMRC Practitioner Fellow, Public Health, Monash University
Endocrinologist Monash Health

Professor Helena Teede

1. How are you working to improve sexual and reproductive health?

Together with my team I work to establish the most pressing problems and questions for women with reproductive health challenges. We seek to address unmet needs in ways of most use to women, though guidelines, resources, and information for women and their health professionals.

2. What do you love most about your work?

Working with women to address their needs and making an impact here and around the world. Our latest work has reached 174 countries in multiple languages.

3. Why is your work so important?

We address areas of unmet need and attain reach and impact with our work that is clearly measurable and has impact.

4. What do you think are the biggest sexual and reproductive health issues facing women in your region?

Unhealthy lifestyle, rising weight and the reproductive health implications for women and the next generation.


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