#GE4Us Ambassadors


We are excited to introduce you to your 2017,  #GE4Us  Gender Equality Ambassadors.

Click the ambassador’s name on the left hand menu to read
their story of gender equality in action!

If you would like to utilise ambassador ‘memes’ you can download
them through the social media guides on our resources page.

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Siobhan

FB_Siobhan - Logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Harry

INSTA-Harry- Manningham Logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Claire

FB_Claire - Maroondah logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Rosina

FB_Rosina Yarra Ranges logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Ian

FB_Ian TFER Logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Niwal

FB_Niwal Logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Heather

FB_Heather McTaggert-Knox -Logos

#GE4Us Gender Equality Ambassador, Manasi

FB_Manasi- V2- Logos