Our Vision

Equality, empowerment, health and wellbeing for all women

Our Purpose

Women’s Health East drives action to build an equitable society. Guided by evidence and informed by women’s lived experiences, we strengthen the capacity of the community to improve women’s health and wellbeing.

Our Values

Human rights

We are committed to protecting and promoting women’s economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights

Social Justice

We aim to redress social inequality through an equity approach to our work, with a particular focus on gender equity


We value and embrace women’s diversity in all its forms


We value the engagement and participation of our community and stakeholders in order to achieve our purpose. We aim to build trusting and respectful partnerships with those with whom we work


We strive for excellence and innovation in our work


We respect the experiences and opinions of women, our community and our partners and aim to engage at all times in a respectful manner

Environmental sustainability

We acknowledge the importance of a healthy planet to our health and wellbeing and aim to minimise our organisational impact on the environment

You can read about Our Strategic Directions here