Women’s Health East is a regional women’s health promotion agency working across the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. We work with stakeholders to build the capacity of services and programs in the region to ensure they optimally address issues affecting women.


Thanks for the birthday wishes!

What a great afternoon we had at our 25th birthday AGM.  Thank you to Leslie Cannold for her engaging and passionate presentation, to Julie Kitto for her Welcome To Country and to WHE life member Jan Young for the trip down WHE memory lane!

It was great to see so many of our partners and supporters in attendance. Thank you to everyone who came along – we hope you enjoyed the event!

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Eastern Metropolitan Region Sexual & Reproductive Health Needs Analysis

Women’s Health East has officially launched the Eastern Metropolitan Region Sexual & Reproductive Health Needs Analysis document. The needs analysis was undertaken in 2014 and 2015 and included a literature review, data collection, and consultations with a range of organisations both within the region and at state level.

This document presents the findings of the needs analysis and details the processes that were undertaken to reach these findings. Using a population health approach, women who are more likely to face complex barriers to good SRH were identified. The associated priority needs of these groups were explored and recommendations were made regarding each of these priorities.

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Royal Commission into Family Violence


On Wednesday 30 March 2016 the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence handed down it’s report and 227 recommendations to the Victorian Government. You can view our response to the report in the Media Release below, and our submission to the Royal Commission.
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Together For Equality & Respect Infographic

This infographic has been designed for Together for Equality & Respect partner organisations and others to use in their work. The infographic gives an overview of the prevalence and seriousness of violence against women and its underlying causes. It explains how everyone in the community has a role in preventing violence against women.

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Priorities for Victorian Women’s Health 2014-2018

Clear disparities in health outcomes exist for Victorian women. To address this the Victorian women’s health sector is seeking commitment to the development of a comprehensive women’s health policy and action platform for 2014–2018. This platform includes five specific actions from government to reduce the burden of ill health and disease for better health outcomes for Victorian women. These are:

  1. Development of a statewide sexual and reproductive health strategy.
  2. Investment and leadership in the primary prevention of violence against women.
  3. Research and action on women in a changing society, specifically the impacts of climate change on the health of Victorian women
  4. Development of a gendered mental health and wellbeing plan.
  5. Further investment in the Victorian Women’s Health Program to implement initiatives arising from the actions above

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