Women’s Health East is a regional women’s health promotion agency working across the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne. We work with stakeholders to build the capacity of services and programs in the region to ensure they optimally address issues affecting women.


Eastern Metropolitan Region Sexual & Reproductive Health Needs Analysis

Women’s Health East has officially launched the Eastern Metropolitan Region Sexual & Reproductive Health Needs Analysis document. The needs analysis was undertaken in 2014 and 2015 and included a literature review, data collection, and consultations with a range of organisations both within the region and at state level.

This document presents the findings of the needs analysis and details the processes that were undertaken to reach these findings. Using a population health approach, women who are more likely to face complex barriers to good SRH were identified. The associated priority needs of these groups were explored and recommendations were made regarding each of these priorities.

Download the Needs Analysis here.

SRH front page

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Sexual and Reproductive Health Forum

merideth temple-smith Come along to our Sexual and Reproductive Health planning forum on Wednesday 27th April.Speakers include Meredith Temple-Smith, whose published works include her 2014 book “Sexual Health: A Multidisciplinary Approach.  Please click on the link below for more information and to register.
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Royal Commission into Family Violence

The Royal Commission into Family Violence (RCFV) is due to provide its report and recommendations on Tuesday 29th March.  In the lead up, WHE will be sharing what we want to see from the Royal Commission.  You can check out our daily messages on our Facebook and Twitter pages!  #RCFV #PVAW

Friday - report and recs

Click here to see key messages about the RCFV prepared by the Women’s Health Association of Victoria (WHAV)

Click here to view the Women’s Health East submission to the RCFV, including our key recommendations


Victoria Against Violence


This fantastic initiative by the State Government will help raise awareness and educate the community about the link between family violence and gender inequality. For more about this campaign and the wonderful work happening in Victoria, please visit Victoria Against Violence here. … READ MORE

Women’s Health East Annual General Meeting

It was wonderful to see so many of our partners and friends at our AGM on 30th September! Thank you to everyone who came along.

A special thanks also to our guest speaker, Commissioner Rowena Allen, to Brooke Collins for her Welcome to Country and to Mim for her inspirational performance.




WHE Submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence

On Friday 29 May 2015, the submission period for the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence closed.  Along with many partner organisations in the Eastern Region, Women's Health East put forward a submission highlighting key messages and recommendations.

Here are our ten recommendations to the Royal Commission:

1. That appropriate governance mechanisms are immediately put in place to oversee responses to family violence and that these ensure a distinct primary prevention focus. All structures formed must involve high-level ... READ MORE

Increasing the Odds for Safety and Respect

IncreasingTheOdds1 The Increasing the Odds for Safety and Respect project is an early intervention and prevention project in which staff from Women’s Health East & Women’s Health in the North are working with family violence and problem gambling service providers across the eastern and northern metropolitan areas of Melbourne to share knowledge about the link between family violence and problem gambling.  The project aims to strengthen; the relationships between the sectors, risk assessment mechanisms, referral pathways and service delivery and, in doing so, increase the safety of women experiencing violence from male partners.  The project evolved from a growing recognition that there is a relationship between problem gambling and family violence, but that it is not yet well understood, nor is it comprehensively addressed at the prevention or response level. … READ MORE

Together For Equality & Respect Infographic

Check out the new Preventing Violence against Women Infographic! The infographic has been designed for Together for Equality & Respect partner organisations and others to use in their work. The infographic gives an overview of the prevalence and seriousness of violence against women and its underlying causes. It explains how everyone in the community has a role in preventing violence against women.

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Together For Equality & Respect Action Plan

The Together for Equality & Respect Action Plan 2013-2017 is now available to download. This Action Plan represents the implementation phase of Together for Equality & Respect: A Strategy to Prevent Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2013 – 2017.

The Action Plan brings together current and planned work being undertaken by the many partners who have committed to this regional and integrated approach to preventing men’s violence against women in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne, under the strategic directions presented in the Strategy. The Action Plan is a ‘living’ document which will be added to over the life of the Strategy as additional work is planned and implemented across the East.

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Priorities for Victorian Women’s Health 2014-2018

Clear disparities in health outcomes exist for Victorian women. To address this the Victorian women’s health sector is seeking commitment to the development of a comprehensive women’s health policy and action platform for 2014–2018. This platform includes five specific actions from government to reduce the burden of ill health and disease for better health outcomes for Victorian women. These are:

  1. Development of a statewide sexual and reproductive health strategy.
  2. Investment and leadership in the primary prevention of violence against women.
  3. Research and action on women in a changing society, specifically the impacts of climate change on the health of Victorian women
  4. Development of a gendered mental health and wellbeing plan.
  5. Further investment in the Victorian Women’s Health Program to implement initiatives arising from the actions above

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